New Italian Cinema festival held in Ukraine

(AGI) Kiev, June 28 - The "New Italian Cinema" festival in Ukraine was organised...

(AGI) Kiev, June 28 - The "New Italian Cinema" festival in Ukraine was organised by the Italian Institute of Culture in partnership with the Festival Nice Florence and the Molodist Film Festival. It was held for three weeks in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. Ten films were on the bill, offering an overview of recent Italian cinema, in a mix of genres and styles. They ranged from "Latin Lover" by Cristina Comencini, to the brand new "Seconda Primavera" ("Second Spring") by Francesco Calogero, to "Non essere cattivo" ("Don't be Evil") by Claudio Caligari, which won the Pasinetti Award at the Venice Film Festival and has also been nominated for the 2016 Oscars. There was also space for the comedies, "Se Dio vuole" ("God Willing") by Edoardo Falcone, "Tempo instabile con probabili schiarite" ("Unstable Weather with Likely Sunny Intervals") by Marco Pontecorvo, "Italo" by Alessia Scarso, "Noi e la Giulia" ("The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles") by Edoardo Leo, and the tragicomic "Io, Arlecchino" ("I, Harlequin") by Giorgio Pasotti and Matteo Bini. The line up was completed by "Cloro" ("Chlorine"), a drama Lamberto Sanfelice, and "'Mi chiamo Maya" ("My name is Maya") by Tommaso Agnese. (AGI).