Italian embassy in Moscow packed for Republic Day

(AGI) Moscow, June 3 - As per tradition, the Italian Embassy in Moscow opened it...

(AGI) Moscow, June 3 - As per tradition, the Italian Embassy in Moscow opened its doors to the international community in Russia for "Festa della Repubblica" (Republic Day), on Thursday. The reception - held in the gardens of Villa Berg, the embassy's historic headquarters - was attended by prominent Russian political and business figures, including: Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who is also co-chairman of the Italo-Russian Economic, Industrial and Financial Economic Cooperation Council; Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksei Meshkov; the Russian Foreign Minister's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova and Leonid Mikhelson, number one at the largest independent Russian gas producer, Novatek, and named by Forbes as the richest man in the Federation. There was also one of the greatest promoters of Italy in Russia, billionaire Mikhail Kusnirovich, owner of the Gum department store on Red Square and whose group "Bosco dei Ciliegi" was among the sponsors of the evening together, among others with Maserati, Pirelli, Technogym and Banca Intesa. Ambassador Cesare Maria Ragaglini did the honours in leading the event. Despite the difficulties between Moscow and Europe the Ambassador continues to work to keep the dialogue alive. And the level of Russian participation in the celebrations of June 2 can certainly be seen as a sign of appreciation of his efforts. (AGI) .