Documentary about Italians in London to debut in UK

(AGI) London, June 21 - A documentary about Italians in London will be aired for...

(AGI) London, June 21 - A documentary about Italians in London will be aired for the first time in the UK on Wednesday. INFLUX, a documentary by Luca Vullo, will be screened in London at 7 pm local time at the Genesis theatre, a day before Britain votes on whether or not to stay in the European Union. The event is organised in collaboration with CinemaItaliaUK and EM Production, and sponsored by ITS. The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with directors Luca Vullo and Annalisa Piras, and Professor of Italian at the University of Bristol, Charles Burdett. The event's organisation announced: "The British premiere of INFLUX is an event not to be missed, in order to understand and analyse the current state and the future of Italians in London, on the eve of a referendum that could change the balance of Britain and Europe." The documentary tells the story of Italians who have managed to integrate successfully into the professional and social fabric of London, but also of the daily struggle of thousands of others trying to build a future in the British capital. The protagonists include journalists like Barbara Serra and Caterina Soffici, architects like Claudio Silvestrin, singers like Marcella Puppini, sports figures like Gianluca Vialli, chefs like Francesco Mazzei, writers like Simonetta Agnello Hornby and the co-founder of Toni & Guy, Toni Mascolo. The independent film was privately produced, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy and Consulate General in the UK. (AGI).