(VELINO) Roma, 13 Jul - In Russia, Italy celebrates the international team of as...

(VELINO) Roma, 13 Jul - In Russia, Italy celebrates the international team of astronauts taking off for the International Space Station (ISS). The Italian Ambassador, Cesare Ragaglini, recently offered a reception in honour of astronauts Paolo Nespoli, Randolph Bresnik and Sergey Ryazanskiy in his Moscow Residence. The astronauts are scheduled to take off for the ISS from Baikonour Base in Kazakhstan on 28 July as part of a scientific mission ending in December. The three astronauts were accompanied by their back-ups - Misurkin, Vande Hei and Kanai - who will take part in the next scientific mission, and by a large representation of the Russian and Italian media. Nespoli, Bresnik and Ryazanskiy described the mission's preparatory work and objectives, underscoring how international cooperation is essential in order to make progress in scientific research. "As the Ambassador of Italy, I am extremely proud that thanks to Paolo Nespoli our Country has the opportunity to contribute to this important mission in association with the European Space Agency and the two colleagues from partner Countries: the United States and the Russian Federation," said Ambassador Ragaglini, wishing all the astronauts good look on their mission. vel