(VELINO) Roma, 19 Sep - The governor of Argentina's Salta Province, Juan Manuel ...

(VELINO) Roma, 19 Sep - The governor of Argentina's Salta Province, Juan Manuel Urtubey, and the Italian Ambassador to Argentina, Teresa Castaldo, have signed an agreement to spread the teaching of Italian language and culture in the area through courses in local schools and the promotion of cultural activities throughout the province. To that end, trainers will be selected to offer improved training programmes on Italian language and culture for local educators. Argentina's Minister of Education Science and Productive Innovation, Analia Berruezo, said this method is already being applied in six public and private schools. The Italian Consulate General in Cordoba will provide the professionals tasked with the training of local teachers and Salta's provincial government will select the teachers to allocate to each school through internal procedures under the ministry's guidance. After the signing ceremony, which was also attended by Italy's Deputy Consul General in Salta, Serafina Russo, and by representatives from the Dante Alighieri School, Governor Urtubey announced the event on his Twitter profile, stating: "An agreement to teach our children Italian in schools has been signed with Ambassador Teresa Castaldo". In addition to enhancing the training programmes for Salta's teachers, the Italian Consulate General will distribute teaching material to the schools to help organise and run the Italian courses. A steering committee composed of representatives from both sides will coordinate the development and assessment of the programme's goals and establish criteria to select the public or private schools that will want to take part in the initiative in the future. vel