(VELINO) Roma, 28 Jun - "Comics, what passion! Italian comics, from 1950 to toda...

(VELINO) Roma, 28 Jun - "Comics, what passion! Italian comics, from 1950 to today" is the title of an exhibition organised by the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Sao Paulo from July 5 to Aug. 14 at the city's Cultural Centre. Its starting point is that more than a century after its birth, the comic has become one of the most popular narrative languages in the world, combining drawing and literature, image and text. In Italy, periodicals and comic books have enthused generations of readers of different ages, education and social backgrounds. For the occasion, several original drawings will be on show; the works of the masters of the comic series from the 1950s to today such as Aurelio Galleppini, Antonio Canale, Antonio Terenghi, and Gian Battista Carpi etc. and by now universally recognised authors of a more literary bent, such as Hugo Pratt, Milo Manara, Guido Crepax, and Dino Battaglia. The exhibition's curator, art historian Maurizio Scudiero, will attend the opening. He is the leading scholar of Depero and Iras Baldessari. He has curated over 100 exhibitions in Italy and abroad on Futurism and related topics, and also on other specific areas of interest such as avant-garde graphics, advertising posters, the American comic and Aeropainting. He is an expert in avant-garde literature, especially from Eastern Europe, and has curated several exhibitions on comics, from Masters of Italian comics (Warsaw, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Munich) to Cinema and Comics (Mart Rovereto, Salzburg, Karlsruhe, Carpi and Pordenone). vel