(VELINO) Roma, 7 Jul - A travelling exhibition entitled "Figlia di un nuovo popo...

(VELINO) Roma, 7 Jul - A travelling exhibition entitled "Figlia di un nuovo popolo, Gabriela Mistral e l'Italia" ("Daughter of a new nation: Gabriela Mistral and Italy"), paying homage to the great Chilean poetess and her relationship with Italy, will make a stop in Antofagasta from July 14 to August 15. The initiative was organised by the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) of Santiago de Chile in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in the Latin American country and the Biblioteca Nacional & Dibam. The exhibition - which gathers part of the material available in Chile's Biblioteca Nacional, the Chilean Foreign Ministry's Archivo General HistA�rico (General Historical Archive), and the Gabriela Mistral di VicuA�a Museum - revisits the events that occurred during the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to the writer and poetess in 1945. From the moment of her birth in 1887 in a small rural village in the Elqui Valley till her death in 1957, Lucila Godoy Alcayaga - the young teacher known throughout the world as Gabriela Mistral - authored an extensive opus of poetry and prose, addressing the key issues that were shaping the global scenario we have today. The exhibition has already toured Latin America and arrived in Italy last March, where it made a stop in Rapallo's Ancient Castle on the Sea before moving to Trento. In 2015, the exhibition was hosted in Rome and Naples. vel