(VELINO) Roma, 26 Aug - Sixty years after the mining disaster in Marcinelle, the...

(VELINO) Roma, 26 Aug - Sixty years after the mining disaster in Marcinelle, the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Brussels will inaugurate the video-photographic installation "L'eta' del carbone" (The Age of Coal) on 1 September. The authors, Fabio Caramaschi and Silvia Caracciolo, journeyed to the Wallonia region to retrace the steps of the Italian miners and documented the lives of the "anciens mineurs" with eight large black-and-white polaroid portraits, six video portraits, and a video presentation that will be screened on loop, making the narration sway between the movement of the videos and stillness of the images printed on silver halide. The story-telling intends to pay homage and build a visual monument to the "unknown miner", to the many miners who gave their sweat and blood to help rebuild Belgium's and Italy's economies in the aftermath of the Second World War. The installation will be hosted in the premises of the IIC in Brussels until 12 September before moving to the halls of the Dante Alighieri Association in Antwerp from 21 November to 22 December. Caramaschi, born in 1963, is a writer, photographer, and director who has obtained numerous recognitions for his documentaries and his photographs, including the Ennio Flaiano Prize and the Kodak Award. His works have been broadcast in Italy and abroad, and his photographs, collected in a series of monographic albums, have been exhibited in New York, Rome, and Milan. Silvia Caracciolo, born in Rome in 1978, is a video producer and editor. She has produced footage for Arte, France2, Canal Plus, and France 3, and filmed a documentary that was broadcast on Rai2. vel