Fiat Chrysler announces 1, 000 new jobs

(AGI) Turin - Fiat Chrysler announced it will create1,000 new jobs this year in several production plants thanks tothe recently passed  

(AGI) Turin, June 8 - Fiat Chrysler announced it will create1,000 new jobs this year in several production plants thanks tothe recently passed Jobs Act. The car manufacturing companyalso intends to stabilise the 1,550 workers at the Melfi plant,in southern Italy, announced EMEA chief, Alfredo Altavilla,after meeting trade unions in Turin on Monday. "Of the1,000 jobs, 600 will be in the Melfi plant, 250 of those willbegin in June, in order to bring the plant's productioncapacity up to 1,200 cars a day," he said. Another 200 workerswill be recruited by Sevel, 170 in Verrone, northern Italy and100 young workers for the Alfa Romeo factories in Termoli andCassino in central Italy. "All this goes hand in hand with there-entry of redundant workers," Mr Altavilla explained. Headded that "the Levante (SUV) plan goes forward as scheduled,"at the Mirafiori plant in Turin. Trade Unions said theywere pleased at the news. At the end of the meeting, therepresentatives of FIM, UILM, FISMIC, UGL and AssociazioneQuadri Fiat pointed out that the company had confirmed the endof social stabilisers and full employment in the group's plantsby 2018. "To think that in Melfi we can stabilise 1,550 workersand recruit another 600 means that we have increased by 50percent the plant's labour force and this is an epochal event,"said FIM representative, Ferdinando Uliano. "News on the otherplants make it easier to achieve the goal of doing away withredundant workers but also to increase the group's employmentlevels," he said. FISMIC representative, Roberto di Maulo,said: "A grand total of 3,000 new jobs, between the company andthe supply chain, which is expected to recruit approximately400 people. It is a positive day that confirms that aparticipatory industrial policy produces work and wealth." UGLrepresentative, Antonio Spera, said: "Today is an importantday, in which all the efforts put into the previous yearsconfirmed the results achieved. The Prato la Serra plant[southern Italy], which has been on a Wages Guarantee Fundsince 2008, will begin to be fully productive in 2016 and, asof this year, it will increase its production of 170,000engines to 350,000 engines." Associazione Quadri Fiatrepresentative, Giovanni Serra, said: "We have confirmationthat the business plan is going forward also thanks to theconsolidation of the Italian market and sales volumes, startingwith the Melfi plant". .