Vittorio Brumotti on his bike at Expo Milano 2015 speaks about sports

30 June

On Tuesday, June 30, the Tree of Life will be the background of the exhibition of the Expo Milano 2015 Ambassador Vittorio Brumotti, who will be performing with a suggestive Road Bike Freestyle live show. Brumotti, breaker of 10 world records acknowledged by the Guinness World Records, shall entertain the public with a series of evolutions on his bike attempting to beat the two-wheel world records. Preceded by the acrobatics of the Mountain bike freestyle group and then the bike trial champion shall be talking about his commitment as spokesperson for Expo Milano 2015 to bring awareness to a healthy and balanced lifestyle especially for the young people who want to approach the world of sports.

The video "100% Brumotti Road Bike Freestyle vol. 2”, will be launched during the event, a collection of the Ambassador’s extraordinary successes on his racing bike.