The Photography Exhibit "Russia from the Window of a Train"

24 September

As part of the Russian culture days in Milan, held from September 24 to 29 at the Russia Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, visitors can see a show called "La Russia dal finestrino di un treno" (Russia from the window of a train) by Anton Lange from September 24 to October 8. Anton Lange is among the best of contemporary Russian photographers.

A photographic trip through Russia: from the extreme south to the Arctic Circle

"La Russia dal finestrino di un treno" is one of the most ambitious and exclusive projects undertaken in the history of Russian photography. The idea behind the project is to present an image of modern Russia as seen through the lens of a traveler's camera. Thus, the exhibit shows photography of this large country that is at once new and eternal, going beyond the usual stereotypes. With the images the artist took during his research, a delightfully vivid, diverse, unique and inimitable portrait of the country emerges.

The exhibit hosted by the Russia Pavilion is taken from a series of photograph exhibitions curated on subjects that proceed logically. The aim is to show twenty-first century Russia and its diverse facets of daily life, with its unique geography, cultural and historic heritage. Because of its size and the vast expanse of the areas involved, the project is one of a kind in the nation's history of photography. The photographs immortalize almost all of Russia from the southernmost point to the Arctic Circle.

A unique project in the history of Russian photography

Photographer Anton Lange explained, "This show is a unique project in the history of Russian photography. This is because it is devoted to all of Russia, a world that includes many things that no other country in the world has. This photographic exhibit speaks of our great country, a territory still lacking a contemporary visual representation, surprisingly little known among those who live there, the Russians themselves."

On September 24, the Russia Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 reaches a total of three million visitors

On September 23, the Russia Pavilion welcomed its three-millionth visitor. He was a Japanese boy and noted blogger who specializes in Universal Expositions. This visitor, Atsushi Futakami. The boy's arrival was celebrated next to Mishka,  the official store and mascot of the Russia Pavilion. He commented, "I am a real fan of Expos! I have visited more than five. The Russia Pavilion at the 2015 Universal Exposition is really stunning, perhaps among the best. My parents, too, have always visited previous Russia pavilions, including the one for Soviet Union in 1967 in Montreal. I myself never miss them."