The National Day of Serbia will be celebrated on 22nd June

22 June

"Taste Food, Feel Life". The slogan that describes Serbia's participation in Expo Milano 2015 perfectly represents the soul of a lively country with a rich culture and a varied cuisine influenced by a wide range of local traditions. Located between the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, Serbia has an eclectic cultural identity that is reflected in its fine food, society and music. And the sounds of Goran Bregovic represent the music of the Balkan area all over the world. Indeed, his notes, in the form of jazz, tango, brass bands and electronic music, will close Serbia's National Day with a live concert in the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster from 8 to 10pm on Monday 22th June. 


The programme of the day: meetings and tasting sessions featuring Serbian wines

The Serbian National Day opens at 10 am in front of the Expo Center with the official ceremony which will be attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, the Vice President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Rasim Ljajic and the Minister of Economic Development, Zeljko Sertic. The Serbian delegation will be welcomed by the flag-raising ceremony and, as usual, by the national anthems. The day will continue at the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, in particular in the Serbian exhibition space, where cultural and institutional events will be held throughout the whole day from 11am to 7pm. Various events are scheduled: a meeting about "Belgrade on Water" relative to the new infrastructures of the capital, organised by Sinisa Mali, the Mayor of Belgrade; "My Serbia", a presentation by the National Tourism Organization of Serbia; a spotlight on the project "The Top Wines from the Balkan States", in the presence of the Serbian Ambassador to Italy, the Italian Ambassador to Serbia, the chairman of the Wine Evaluation Committee Franco Bernabei and the author of the Guide, Bartolomeo Roberto Lepori. A tasting session featuring six important Serbian wine cellars will follow, accompanied by typical dishes from the local cuisine. 


Goran Bregovic in concert from 10.00 am

All the events will be accompanied by artistic performances by guitarist Zoran Anic, accordion player Nenad Ljubenovic and cellist Jela Mihajlovic together with dancers Valdimir Todorovic and Sladjana Ivanisevic, the folk group Kud ''Vuk Karadzic'' and the guitarist Relja Trudic. Between 8pm and 10pm the Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster will host the live set by Goran Bregovic, whose music, a cross between Balkan folk and refined technology, is well-known and danced to throughout Europe.