The Land That Feeds Us: The Photographic by Amedeo Vergani

20-31 October

A photographic journey through the countries of the world and that returns the richness of the connection between people and the land they cultivate and live on. Cascina Triulza hosts the photographic exhibition The land that feeds us by Amedeo Vergani from October 20 to 31 open from 10:00 to 22:00 hours, centered on the topical issue of feeding ourselves and the Planet.

The exhibition is part of a dual homage to one of the great authors of Italian photojournalism: in fact, there are two almost simultaneous exhibitions flowing into one another and that complement each other, one at Villa Mezzanotte in Inverigo (Como), inaugurated on Saturday, October 24 at 18:00 hours and the other one at Cascina Triulza at Expo Milano 2015. Both were curated by the Circolo Fotografico Inverigo sponsored by the Municipality of Inverigo.

The land that feeds us: photos that feed the soul 

50 amazing images centered around the daily relationship between people and the land they cultivate, their work, rituals, and folklore: in Italy and around the world. All observed with a passion for social issues and disenchantment through the eyes of a man who does not judge, but simply informs and narrates. These are the artistic and documentary contents of the exhibition at Cascina Triulza.