The Cooking Show. From Pietro Leeman to Davide Paolini

15 June

A new funny week expects the guests of The Cooking Show, the programme featuring Italian and foreign chefs who meet to share dishes, recipes, culture and kitchen tales, and to reflect on the theme of Expo Milano 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

Every day the meeting is at the Expo Centre in the RAI studios, with two competing chefs and Lisa Casali, the expert of sustainable cuisine who prepares a dish with the leftovers from previous preparations, to show that care for our Planet and sustainability can translate into concrete concepts to apply in our everyday life.

The week will start with the Ambassador Ugo Alciati, a specialist in freshly made plain ice cream, who will compete with the Chinese chefs Wu Jing and Chiara Wang. Monday's guest will be Marco Bianchi, science journalist in prof. Umberto Veronesi's team and cook for the sake of taste and health.

Pietro Leeman, starred chef who has been spreading the concept of 'high natural cuisine', will follow with Angelo Sabatelli, starred creative chef who reinterprets the traditions of Apulia. Paola Maugeri, journalist and TV presenter, and a convinced vegan as well, will be with them.

Fun in the name of haute cuisine will continue with chefs Luigi Taglienti, Fabrizio Nonis and Janez Bratovz. Some space will be devoted to Italian excellences, described by the 'gastronaut' Davide Paolini, who has always defended and spread our Country's best products and producers.

Special event on Friday June 19th, with the World Tomato Day. On this occasion two chefs, one from Northern Italy and one from Southern Italy, interpret this ingredient: the 'challengers' are Filippo Dattilo Chiappini from Piacenza and Agostino Iacobucci from Castellammare di Stabia.

How to participate in the Cooking Show

To participate in the audience at The Cooking Show please register at the Infopoint in front of the Expo Centre, every day until 2:30. Recordings of the live show will take place every day inside the Rai Expo studio at the Expo Centre, close to Pavilion Zero, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.