Sao Tome' and Principe Will be Celebrated on September 27 with Music

September 27

The National Day of Sao Tome' and Principe will be celebrated at Expo Milano 2015 on September 27. The celebrations will commence at 10:30 with the showing of a video and the national anthems of Sao Tome' and Italy. This will be followed by the official speech of the Head of the Delegation and a performance by one of the most famous musicians from Sao Tome' and Principe, Filipe Santos. At 11:00 the delegation will proceed to its Pavilion in the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster, parading along the Decumano together with the choir of the G. Puecher State Middle School from Milan. The children of the choir will then perform in the stage of the Cluster.

Art in the afternoon

The festivities will continue in the afternoon at 14:00, with a parade and a performance by the Flag-throwers of Asti who will march from the Pavilion of Sao Tome' and Principe to the Expo Center. At 15:00 the Puecher School will perform again on the stage of the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster and at 16:00, singer-songwriter Filipe Santos will play together with a quartet featuring Paolo Pellegatti (drums), Giancarlo Porro (saxophone), Luca Pasqua (guitar) and Niccolo' Cattaneo (keyboard). The day will end with a cooking show, presented by award-winning pastry chef Davide Comaschi.

Cocoa, biodiversity and happiness

Sao Tome' and Principe is participating in Expo Milano 2015 with a pavilion located inside the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster. Its objective is to show how it is possible for crops to coexist harmoniously with the protection and respect of biodiversity, guaranteeing an excellent quality of life to the entire population. A compromise between man and nature, but also between generations. The Pavilion is divided into three sections which represent the following themes: the natural environment, the human environment and the biosphere. Additionally, its architecture attempts to put the visitor in a position to interact with the culture, images, and sounds that make Sao Tome' and Principe such a charming, happy place.