Rome Film Fest echoes style of New York, says art director

(AGI) Rome - Discontinuity, variety and quality arethe three nouns that the new artistic director Antonio Mondaused to describe the revamped  

(AGI) Rome, Sept 29 - Discontinuity, variety and quality arethe three nouns that the new artistic director Antonio Mondaused to describe the revamped direction of the Rome FilmFestival, to be held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica fromOct. 16 to 24. The art director, chosen by the Cinema per RomaFoundation and the institutions that promote the festival (RomeCity Council, Lazio Region, Musica per Roma Foundation, theRome Chamber of Commerce, and the Luce Cinecitta' Institute),explained the terms from the stage of the Petrassi Hall at theAuditorium Parco della Musica during the presentation pressconference. "Discontinuity from the past," Monda said, "withoutany controversy. A variety of proposals of genre andcinematography with 24 countries represented. Quality of thechoices that also made us give some painful 'no's'." Hecontinued: "There are fewer films than in the past, almost allunanimously chosen by 37 selectors. This decision was dictatedby the need to ensure a high level following the model of theFestival of New York, the city where I live, which selects just24 films to represent the best of the year. In the filmfestival that I will direct for three years, I didn't wantthere to be awards because every film presented is already awinner and is celebrated in Rome. I have made this choice verystrongly because we want to return to the essence of cinemathat, in my opinion, is to share an emotion in the dark and notsee a fashion show on the red carpet." There are four Italianfilms in the official selection of the Rome Film Festival. Inthe 10th edition there will be no competition and only oneprize will be awarded, the BNL public prize. In the officialselection of films presented, Italy is represented by thesemotion pictures: Claudio Cupellini with "Alaska"; Sergio Rubiniwith "Dobbiamo parlare" ("We need to talk"); Gabriele Mainetti'"'Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot" ("They call me Jeeg Robot"); andGianni Amelio with the documentary made with his editor CeciliaPagliarini "Registro di classe - parte prima 1900-1960" ("Classregister - Part One 1900-1960"). In its 10th year, the filmfestival will also dedicate ample space to meetings with greatdirectors and actors, including Jude Law, Paolo Sorrentino,Todd Haynes, and Paolo Villaggio. There will also bediscussions with filmmaker Wes Anderson and author Donna Tartt,the filmmaking duo William Friedkin and Dario Argento, thedirector Joel Coen and the actress Frances McDormand (who arealso spouses), and Italian filmmaker/actor Carlo Verdone andactress Paola Cortellesi. The Rome Film Festival will bededicated to the memory of Virna Lisi, whose picture alsoappears on the poster. A final note concerns the stars. Mondasaid that the organizers will need to wait until Oct. 15 forfinal confirmation, but that he anticipates that Jude Law,Ellen Page and Monica Bellucci will definitely be there, andpossibly director Paul Thomas Anderson. (AGI).