On 25 September, Mozambique celebrates its National Day

25 September

On September 25, Mozambique celebrates its National Day. The ceremony will include delegations from Mozambique and Italy as well as artists who will dance and sing traditional music, including Eduardo Durao and his famous Timbila Orchestra. Following the opening ceremony for the National Day of Mozambique, the artists will perform in a parade leading the delegations along the Decumano to the Mozambique Pavilion in the Cereals and Tubers Cluster.

In the afternoon, the Mozambique Pavilion will host many tasting sessions of typical foods, and visitors can enjoy the sounds of traditional music from this African country. The band Kakana, directed by Yolanda, will play a fusion of African music, rock and jazz, bringing to all Expo Milano 2015 visitors a message of peace and brotherhood through the universal language of music.