Outdoor Festival 2015 to open in Rome in October

(AGI) Rome - After more than a century, the formerbarracks on Via Guido Reni in Rome will be opened to the people 

(AGI) Rome, Sept. 17 - After more than a century, the formerbarracks on Via Guido Reni in Rome will be opened to the peopleof Rome on the occasion of the festival of urban art andcreativity "Outdoor 2015 - Here, Now". The sixth edition of theevent, conceived and curated by Nufactory since 2010, takesplace in partnership with CDP Investimenti Sgr, which owns thespace, from Oct. 2 to 31. The festival is supported by LazioRegion and sponsored by Rome City Council. The Outdoor Festivalreflects on the conversion of public space through art andmusic, used as tools to give back abandoned places to thepublic. The space of over 70,000 square metres will in thecoming years be turned into the headquarters of Science City.The urban regeneration project is the result of aninternational design competition launched by CDP InvestimentiSgr in partnership with the Municipality of Rome. Thecompetition closed on June 24 with a public presentation of theprojects at the Capitoline Museums in Rome. After fiveeditions, the involvement of more than 70 artists and 16,000visitors last year, this year's festival suggests a simple butstrong concept: "Here, Now." "A specific place and time, aunique, non-replicable moment that embodies different timeframes: the past as a barracks, the present of artisticcreation and the future regeneration of the space," saidAntonella Di Lullo, curator of the Festival. The Festival hasbeen organised in partnership with seven embassies and foreigncultural institutes (Institut Francais, Academy of Spain,Embassy of Norway, Embassy of the Netherlands, the BritishCouncil, Embassy of Greece, Embassy of Brazil). It will host 17artists from eight different countries who will occupy 10pavilions with their works within the abandoned spaces of theformer barracks. The works include an eclectic mix of graffiti,sculpture and video created in collaboration with Recipient andThe Blind Eye Factory; large installations designed by theGreek artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis; portraits rich in poetryby Alice Pasquini; the political but at the same timeintrospective works of Filippo Minelli; the geometricconstructions in black and white by the Dutch duo GraphicSurgery; Halo Halo with its two-dimensional mazes and theNorwegian Martin Whatson, with his beautiful works in whichdramatic grey surfaces are broken up by sudden patches ofcolour. (AGI).