Robert Gallo wins Leonardo da Vinci Award

(AGI) New York, Jan 13 - The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee (IHCC) Leona...

(AGI) New York, Jan 13 - The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee (IHCC) Leonardo da Vinci Award for 2015 has been won by Robert Gallo, renowned for his world-wide research and study in the field of immunology. Italian-born Dr Gallo is the Director of the Institute of Human Virology and Professor of Medicine at the Maryland School of Medicine, and co-discovered that the HIV virus causes AIDS. The award ceremony took place at the Italian Consulate General in New York, led by Natalia Quintavalle. "Dr Gallo is one of the many excellent things of Italian origin that have achieved success in the United States and all over the world. It is a real privilege to have him here", she said. "We are so very proud that Dr Gallo has accepted our invitation for this da Vinci Award. A decision was reached by the Board of Directors of the IHCC-NY, Inc. to recognise someone in the field of science who excelled far beyond our expectations. Dr Gallo is such a person!" said IHCC-NY President Joseph Sciame. Previous winners of the award include the playwright Mario Fratti, former NY State First Lady Matilda Cuomo, astronaut Michael Massimino and poet Joseph Tusiani. (AGI).