Podgorica to host Rosario Genovese's exhibition

(AGI) Podgorica, May 10 - Podgorica is to host Rosario Genovese's exihibition "P...

(AGI) Podgorica, May 10 - Podgorica is to host Rosario Genovese's exihibition "Poetico Universo". The Contemporary Art Centre Dvorac Petrovica is presenting the exhibition which is promoted by the Italian Embassy in Montenegro, organised by art director Ermenegildo Frioni. It will include a catalogue with texts written by Francesco Gallo Mazzeo and Marcello Palminteri and a 30-year anthology of Rosario Genovese's art, collecting his research work from 1987. Genovese will lead visitors in an imaginary cosmic journey discovering planets, satellites, solar systems, galaxies, constellations and the fantastic mythological world of stars, filtered through his imagination. His style has undergone many creative experiences which have led him to use various materials. From 2010, his drawings and paintings have been on canvases and wood, depicting fantastic scenarios from one single star to whole constellations. At times they will turn into installations on an imaginary journey with surreal images, proportions, measures, space, matter, colours, myth and fantasy. The artist preferred to use 3D elements to underline the similarity with the cosmos. Genovese's latest works, on show in Podgorica, are the product of a visual and cognitive research on binary stars which has generated dual works to imitate the birth and the development of twin stars through poetic expression. (AGI).