Izmir hosts a seminar on Italian entrepreneurship

(AGI) Izmir, May 18 - "Italy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" was the title of ...

(AGI) Izmir, May 18 - "Italy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" was the title of a seminar held in Izmir, focusing on the presence of Italian companies in the Aegean region. The sessions analysed the origin of the consolidated and fruitful partnership between the economies of the two shores of the Mediterranean basin, as well as future prospects and expectations. The event was organised by the Italian Consulate, headed by Luigi Giannuzzi, in cooperation with Eldor Corporation. The Italian ambassador, Luigi Mattiolo, underlined Italian expertise in exporting innovative entrepreneurial models which effectively match with the dynamism of the Turkish productive fabric. Also worthy of mention is the interest of local university institutions in educating new engineers and managers capable of interacting with different industrial cultures, who are ready to work in an interconnected world and capable of contributing to the strengthening of the already solid economic relations between Italy and Turkey. This perspective was much appreciated by a large audience of university students and members of academia, which is evidence of the true interest the Aegian region has in Italian excellence. (AGI).