Italy celebrates UAE export record

(AGI) Abu Dhabi, May 16 - The Italian Business Council of Abu Dhabi (IBCAD) and ...

(AGI) Abu Dhabi, May 16 - The Italian Business Council of Abu Dhabi (IBCAD) and the Italian embassy in the UAE held an evening to celebrate the excellent results for last year. These were due to strategic relations between the countries. The evening was also an opportunity to present the IBCAD's new board of directors and launch a membership programme, with services tailored to members' needs. Maurizio La Noce, president of the Italian Business Council, said: "Our main aim is to leverage the professional experience and passion of many successful Italians in Abu Dhabi in support of Brand Italy." Italian ambassador, Liborio Stellino, said: "This important event offered us the opportunity to present an overview not just of the very positive economic and commercial dynamics, but also more generally of a bilateral strategic partnership [which is] the result of intense work. In this context IBCAD is a key tool for the embassy." Last year was a record for economic relations between Italy and the UAE, with double-digit growth in imports and exports. There was more than 7 billion euros of trade, with Italian exports rising to 6.19 billion euros, making the UAE one of the Middle East and North Africa region's main markets for Italian exports and in 15th position globally. Last year, the Italian community in the UAE grew significantly, with more than 11,000 Italians living and working there. (AGI) .