Italian training ship photos on show in Finland

(AGI) Helsinki, June 28 - All eyes are on the Italian Navy training ship Amerigo...

(AGI) Helsinki, June 28 - All eyes are on the Italian Navy training ship Amerigo Vespucci, the star of an exhibition of photographs by Stefano Benazzo underway in Turku, Finland. The sailing ship Suomen Joutsen is the unusual venue for the exhibition "Of Sea and destinies - In the wake of the wind". Built in 1902 the vessel long served as a Finnish training ship, before being given to the Forum Marinum Museum, where it is now permanently moored. The exhibition has a dual theme: on the one hand the Amerigo Vespucci, with a 1:199 scale model built by Benazzo in 1999 along with a series of photos taken by him on the ship, and on the other a collection of images of beached ships and boats taken on distant and difficult to reach shores (Namibia, Patagonia, Falklands, South Georgia) as well as in Europe. These relics have been Benazzo's passion for almost half a century, an ancient passion and heartfelt tribute to generations of sailors of all ages and all countries. In this way he wants to imprint on our memory the remains of sumptuous sea cathedrals or simple boats, which in a few decades will be no more, thus trying to counter the slow and silent death of the wrecks, devoting to them his attention, sympathy and respect. The exhibition by retired ambassador Benazzo was proposed and sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture in Helsinki, and was also sponsored by the Italian Navy, the Italian Embassy in Finland and the Finish Embassy in Italy, and transport company Niinivirta. (AGI) .