Italian pianist Francesco Taskayali plays in Los Angeles

(AGI) Rome, June 20 - Italian pianist and composer Francesco Taskayali will perf...

(AGI) Rome, June 20 - Italian pianist and composer Francesco Taskayali will perform at the Italian Institute of Culture in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The institute is taking part in events promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and worldwide celebrations for the Fete de la Musique. Francesco Taskayali is one of the youngest and most talented performers on the Italian and international music scene. He composed his first piece "E' Sera" at the age of 13, which remains a favourite with his fans. He brought out his first album, "Emre" in 2010, followed by "LeVent" in 2011 and "Flying" in 2013, which he took on a world tour, during which he was accompanied by the Orquesta Sinfonica di Caracas, representing Italy at the European Piano Festival. The Fete de la Musique was started by the French Ministry of Culture in 1982 and is held during the summer solstice each year. Amateur and professional musicians perform in streets, courtyards, squares, gardens, stations and museums, making music acceptable to all. More than 120 cities in Italy have taken part in the festival since 2002, thanks to the work of the Italian Association for the Promotion of the Festival of Music, creating a network throughout the country. A number of live concerts are held in all the cities each year, usually in the open air, featuring musicians of all levels and genres. (AGI).