Italian Embassy in China launches future managers project

(AGI) Beijing, June 8 - The Italian Embassy in China has launched the "Bank of I...

(AGI) Beijing, June 8 - The Italian Embassy in China has launched the "Bank of Ideas" initiative to promote innovative projects by future Italian managers in the country, alongside the "Global Management for China" Master's degree at the Ca' Foscari University directed by Professor Renzo Cavalieri. The "Bank of Ideas" will be born through an Embassy-promoted competition directed at postgraduate students, who will be asked to present detailed projects answering the needs of Italian businesses in China. "Innovation will be the key word in China in the upcoming years," underlined Italy's Ambassador to Beijing, Ettore Sequi, during a meeting with Prof. Cavalieri and a group of students and tutors from the Venetian institute. "Italy is an innovative country and we wish to present ourselves and operate in this market with that spirit," Mr Sequi affirmed. Launched as a pilot project, the "Bank of Ideas" is destined to be expanded to all Italian universities that run research institutes, master's or specialisation programs dedicated to China, according to the plans in the Embassy. The initiative aims to "maximise the knowledge and competencies of experts on China and put them at the service of Italian interests," Ambassador Sequi stated. (AGI).