DramaDonne performs 'It's a Disaster' in Dubai

(AGI) Dubai, May 12 - Theatrical company DramaDonne is returning to the Dubai st...

(AGI) Dubai, May 12 - Theatrical company DramaDonne is returning to the Dubai stage with "It's a Disaster", adapted from the Todd Berger film which came out in the U.S. in 2012. It is a light and entertaining, yet profound and meditative dark comedy about the unexpected events that take place during a regular couples' brunch in Dubai. All the couples are Italian. An unexpected piece of news sours the atmosphere, putting paid to the laughter, chat and flirtations, veiled or otherwise, forcing the protagonists to face up to the things they have done and how they have led their lives. This triggers a series of dramatic twists as the neurotic and cynical friends make revelations, confessions and voice apocalyptic premonitions that challenge them to stay together until the end. "We took care to maintain the veracity of all the characters," said director Michela Contini. The cast includes Alessandra Antonelli, Amin Abdelaziz, Cristina Barberio, Andrea Bigolin, Natascia Colautti, Loredana Faiola, Marco Fraschetti, Cristiana Maierna, Jacopo Mangiapane, Andrea Tallarida, Lamya Tawfik and Donatella Tosi. "It's a Disaster" will be staged as part of the celebrations for the Festa della Repubblica, Italy's National Day and Republic Day, with the support of the Italian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the Italian Consulate General in Dubai. The DramaDonne company was set up in 2011 by a multicultural group of women living in Dubai with a passion for theatre and the Italian language. Since then they have produced five plays in Italian and one in English, allowing male actors to join the company as and when. Their debut performance was "The Worth of Women", followed the next year by "Eight Women and a Mystery." They returned to the stage in 2014 with "Legendary Myths", followed in June 2015 by "Friends to Die For." In February they staged their first English-language performance, "Dancing Queen," marking their international debut. (AGI).