Association of Italian Entrepreneurs debuts in Montenegro

(AGI) Podgorica, July 5 - The Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Montenegro...

(AGI) Podgorica, July 5 - The Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Montenegro (Assimont) has inaugurated its seat in Podgorica a few months after it was established. The initiative was born through the will of Italian businessmen in the country, with the purpose of acting as a reference point for Italian entrepreneurs who acknowledge this part of the Balkans as an area of interest for developing their businesses. The Association will coordinate its actions in Montenegro with the Italian Embassy in Podgorica and aims to represent Italian industry by promoting sustainable and fair internationalisation. Among its objectives are: to provide orientation and information on the opportunities and problems in Montenegro's market; to facilitate the establishing of partnerships, collaborations, and synergies; to strengthen dialogue between Italian companies and the Montenegro local entrepreneurial system; and to consolidate business culture in the country. Assimont intends to promote economic cooperation between Italy and Montenegro by spurring and assisting the presence, interests, and economic activities of the industrial, business, and commercial Italian entities there by facilitating contacts between Italian entrepreneurs and economic operators and Italian and Montenegrin authorities. The inauguration of the Association's headquarters was attended by Ambassador Vincenzo Del Monaco, Edoardo Garrone, the delegate for associative internationalization at the General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria), and numerous Italian businessmen active in Montenegro. (AGI).