(VELINO) Roma, 22 Jun - The Italian Embassy in Brazil has hosted the first coord...

(VELINO) Roma, 22 Jun - The Italian Embassy in Brazil has hosted the first coordination meeting of the Italian Chambers of Commerce operating in the Latin American country. The meeting was also attended by Italian consular offices, the Italian Trade Agency ICE and a representative of the Bank of Italy in Brazil. The summit was called to gather all the country's Italian economic and commercial stakeholders around the same table, and was organised in two sessions. Session 1 was dedicated to analysing the Brazilian economic situation in the light of recent political developments and planning this year's activities by ICE and the Chambers of Commerce. Session 2 focused on the role played by the Italo-Brazilian Chambers of Commerce, their action plans and prospects of coordinated activities to promote Italy. The summit found several areas to build cooperation and synergy between the Chambers, using their strong points - a capillary presence across the territory and a consolidated contact network - and also among the Chambers and ICE, the Consulates and the Embassy itself. The meeting was a first step towards a stronger integration of all the Italian commercial players operating in Brazil. vel