(VELINO) Roma, 24 Aug - The second Italian Music Festival in La Plata, Argentina...

(VELINO) Roma, 24 Aug - The second Italian Music Festival in La Plata, Argentina, will begin on 9 October in the prestigious Teatro Municipal Coliseo Podesta. The Festival is organised by the Corredor Productivo Turistico Cultural Italia Argentina (CPTCIA) with the support of the Municipality of La Plata and the Italian Consulate General, as well as of numerous high-level institutions such as the Italian Embassy in Argentina, the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Buenos Aires, the Federation of Italian Associations in the Consular District of La Plata (FAILAP), and the local COMITES (Committee of Italians Residing Abroad). The Festival seeks to promote and relaunch Italian music and songs, and gives the stage to new musical talents in a city featuring a sizable Italian community since its founding. The influence of Italian immigration still characterises La Plata's social, cultural, and economic life today. Building on last year's positive results, the Festival - which will also be bolstered by the experience and support of EuroShoworld, an association dedicated to organising and promoting musical events in Italy and abroad - aims to establish a cultural and musical bridge between Italy and Argentina. vel