(VELINO) Roma, 6 Oct - A rich programme of events will celebrate the 16th Italia...

(VELINO) Roma, 6 Oct - A rich programme of events will celebrate the 16th Italian Language Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Week's theme will be "L'Italiano e la creativita': marchi e costumi, moda e design (The Italian language and creativity - brands and customs, fashion and design.") The Italian diplomatic network in the city - the Consulate General and the Italian Cultural Institute in association with numerous institutions) organized a series of meetings with a view to discussing a wide variety of topics, from design and literature to photography and the publishing world, including also cinema and music. The lecture "I linguaggi del Design italiano, il design italiano fuori dall'Italia" will mark the beginning of the celebrations on 12 October. On that very day and until 22 October a photographic workshop on design by the Giovani Comites di Sao Paulo (GC) will start. A lecture by Roberto Pazzi on Giorgio Bassani is scheduled to take place on 18 October. Roberto Pazzi will give a lecture on Ariosto's Orlando Furioso on the following day. Finally a concerto for violin and piano with Katia Chigi and Michele Rossetti will be held on 22 October. Other events will be happening throughout the month such as a photographic exhibition "Nos passos de Ermanno Stradelli", presenting works by various artists to celebrate the great Italian explorer, and the screening of films inspired by Bassani's works. vel