(VELINO) Roma, 7 Apr - The exhibition 'Eurotunnel' will open in Paris on 10 Apri...

(VELINO) Roma, 7 Apr - The exhibition 'Eurotunnel' will open in Paris on 10 April. The concept of the exhibition was developed in February, during photographer Nicolo' Degiorgis's artist-in-residence stay at the Italian Cultural Institute in the French capital. The artist conceives the Eurotunnel as a space that is at the same time material and symbolic and that serves to reflect on the sociological, historic and philosophical dimension of European national borders. The architectures that frame the lives of refugees are the materialisation of the obstacles that they have to overcome, the symbol of the refusal suffered and of the salvation that they yearn for. Nicolo' Degiorgis is a trained sinologist and is interested in issues dealing with immigration and multicultural integration. In 2014, he won the 'Paris Photo - Fondation Aperture' prize for his work 'Hidden Islam'. He teaches photography at the University of Bolzano and in the city's detention centre. The exhibition is organised as part of the 'Mois de la Photo du Grand Paris 2017'. vel