(VELINO) Roma, 11 May - A study day entitled "Mantova me genuit", organised and ...

(VELINO) Roma, 11 May - A study day entitled "Mantova me genuit", organised and hosted by the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) will take place in Mexico City on May 19, on the occasion of the appointment of the city as 2016 Italian Capital of Culture. The event will be an opportunity to talk about the importance of the development of Mantua's heritage for the purpose of proper conservation, both as a resource and as an opportunity and quality of life model. It will also highlight important parallels between Mantua and Mexico City: the lake origin of both cities, the ties due to Leon Battista Alberti, the theorist who inspired the Renaissance and Humanism in Mantua with his designs for the churches of San Andrea and San Sebastiano and in Mexico City with the treatise De Re Aedificatoria (On the Art of Building) imported by First Viceroy of New Spain, Antonio Mendoza, in 1532. This treatise so inspired the development of the city that it was called the "first Albertian ideal city in the new world". The day's programme will also emphasise the historical link between 15th and 16th century European Renaissance culture and the development/transformation of Mexican towns and cities in the 16th century, a common thread that deepens the historic ties between the two cities. The event is held in partnership with the National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM), and the National Coordination of Cultural Heritage Conservation (CNCPC). vel