(VELINO) Roma, 29 Jun - A ceremony was held in Mexico's Chamber of Deputies to i...

(VELINO) Roma, 29 Jun - A ceremony was held in Mexico's Chamber of Deputies to inaugurate the new parliamentary group on friendly Mexican-Italian relations, with the floor being taken by Italy's ambassador to Mexico City, Alessandro Busacca, the president of the Chamber, Jesus Zambrano, the director general for Europe at Mexico's foreign ministry, ambassador Del Rio, and the president of the Committee of Italians living abroad (Comites), Gianluca Brocca. The event was opened by the President of the Group, MP Tomas Octaviano Fe'lix, who emphasised Italy's role as an important Mexican partner and recalled Italy's commitment towards topics of global importance. President Zambrano noted the sharing of experiences in facing common challenges, citing the fight against organised crime and handling migration. Ambassador Busacca offered the context for the creation of the new friendship group in the new phase of bilateral relations, characterised by intensified political contacts and diversification in the areas of cooperation. The group is led by Octaviano Fe'lix, with Francisco Escobedo Villegas, Genoveva Huerta Villegas, Maria Elida Castelan Mondragon acting as vice-presidents. The group is composed of Kathia Maria Bolio Pinelo, Jose' Hugo Cabrera Ruiz, Ce'sar Octavio Camacho Quiroz, Hersilia Onfalia Adamina Cordova Moran, Cesar Alejandro Dominguez Dominguez, Alicia Guadalupe Gamboa Martinez, Angel Garcia Yanez, Rube'n Alejandro Garrido Munoz, Rene Mandujano Tinajero, Agustin Luis Gilberto Marron, Ana Guadalupe Perea Santos, Esdras Romero Vega, Emilio Enrique Salazar Farias, and Araceli Saucedo Reyes. vel