(VELINO) Roma, 24 May - A series of meetings on "Literature in Italian Opera" ha...

(VELINO) Roma, 24 May - A series of meetings on "Literature in Italian Opera" has returned to Argentina. The Italian Institute of Culture of Buenos Aires (IIC) on May 30 will hold the second meeting entitled: "Power conflicts between Church and State", Don Carlos from Schiller to J. Mery-C. du Locle and Verdi. For the occasion Professor Nora Sforza will look at Verdi's Don Carlo and analyse how the composer and his librettists Joseph Mery and Camille du Locle reworked the tragedy of Schiller's Don Carlo, focussing in particular on the political and ideological content presented by the German writer. However, at the first meeting entitled "The inability to love", Professor Sfora discussed Don Giovanni from Tirso de Molina to Da Ponte-Mozart and Bertati-Gazzaniga. Melodrama emerged in Florence in the late 16th century and has always sought inspiration from literature. However, we need to look at how these processes of adaptation of a literary text to an opera libretto were carried out and what kind of changes librettists and musicians brought to the original texts. During these meetings, the central aim will be to show the fruitful and close relations between literature and opera, through guided listening to musical fragments. vel