(VELINO) Roma, 30 Jun - A conference on "Women Entrepreneurs. Comparing experien...

(VELINO) Roma, 30 Jun - A conference on "Women Entrepreneurs. Comparing experiences between Kosovo and Italy" was held in recent days. It was organised by the Italian Embassy in Pristina in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) - Correspondence Point of Pristina. The aim was to swap the business experiences of the women of the two countries and to establish commercial relations between them. Italian Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese introduced the event, stressing the importance of the role of women in the business world and the intensification of trade relations between Italy and Kosovo. For the occasion, there were speeches by Franca Audisio Rangoni, President of AIDDA (Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers)); Mirlinda Kusari, president of SHEERA (Kosovo's first Women's Business Association), Aferdita Kelmendi, the head of the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo women entrepreneurs, and Majlinda Mazelliu, deputy director of the "Grate ne Biznes" association representing micro enterprise in Kosovo. Members of various local associations, representatives of the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA) - Ministry of Trade and Industry - and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce were also present. vel