(VELINO) Roma, 10 Apr - Italy will be among the protagonists of the 5th Internat...

(VELINO) Roma, 10 Apr - Italy will be among the protagonists of the 5th International Conference on Preventive and Interventional Preservation in Museums, Archives and Libraries, to take place in Buenos Aires on April 17-22. The initiative has been organised by the Museo Historico Nacional del Cabildo and will be attended by professionals of international renown who will focus on the restoration of paintings painted on easels, paper and on fabric. Two Italians will represent Italy, namely Lorenzo Teodonio, expert in cultural heritage, and Dino Fabrizi, architect and restorer. Mr Teodonio will deliver a presentation at a seminar on "Studying paper in a non-destructive manner". He is an expert in paper restoration and preservation and has acquired extensive expertise in the field of characterisation of materials and invasive and non-invasive techniques. Mr Fabrizi will deliver a presentation on April 18 on "Recovery, restoration and consolidation of the ancient walls and the archeological finds of Villa Adriana's 'Gymnasium' and 'Valle di Tempe'". The architect is an expert in restoration and preservation of cultural property. He was appointed technical director of major works in Italy, among which his most recent assignment was at Villa Adriana, in Tivoli. vel