(VELINO) Roma, 22 Jul - The Italian Cultural Institute in Lima is to have its ow...

(VELINO) Roma, 22 Jul - The Italian Cultural Institute in Lima is to have its own stand at the 21st International Book Fair, organised by the Peruvian Chamber of Books. It will feature the first Peruvian recipe book published in Italy, "Il Fiore della Cannella" (The Cinnamon Flower), written by Gloria Carpinelli D'Onofrio following her research and travels in the Latin American country. Two noted professionals collaborated in its production: Chef Adolfo Perret and Johnny Schuler, an expert on Peru's traditional spirit, pisco. The title is a tribute to songwriter Chabuca Granda and her waltz "La Flor de la Canela". Her daughter, Teresa Fuller, will attend the presentation on July 28, with representatives from Peruvian institutions in Italy and vice versa. The book is written in Italian and reveals the roots of Peru's fusion cuisine in its various cultures. It chronicles pre-Hispanic cultures and illustrates the contributions of Italian, Spanish, African, French, and Asian cuisine. Gloria Carpinelli D'Onofrio is an Italian-Peruvian author living in Italy. She graduated in Modern Languages and Literature at the University of Turin with a thesis on indigenism in Peruvian literature. vel