(VELINO) Roma, 14 Sep - Italy's Ambassador to Mexico, Alessandro Busacca, presen...

(VELINO) Roma, 14 Sep - Italy's Ambassador to Mexico, Alessandro Busacca, presented Ambassador Ruiz Cabanas, the Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the insignia of Grand Officer of the Order of the Italian Star Solidarity (OSI) on Wednesday. The honour was awarded to the Mexican diplomat in recognition of his role in developing relations between Italy and Mexico while serving as Ambassador to Rome from 2011 to 2015. Ambassador Cabanas graduated in International Relations at the Colegio de Me'xico, and completed a Master's Degree in Political Science at Columbia University in New York. He entered Mexico's Foreign Service in 1979 and was appointed ambassador in 1998. He represented his country in Japan from 2004 to 2011 and at the Organization of American States (OAS). He had previously served as Head of Migration and Border Affairs at the Mexican Embassy in the United States, and was responsible for counter drug trafficking operations as well as for social and humanitarian affairs at the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations. At Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was Director-General for North America, Coordinator for Special Affairs and Drug Trafficking, Coordinator of the Advisors to the Undersecretary for America and of the Advisors to the Undersecretary for Europe, Asia and Africa, and Director at the General Directorate for the United Nations. During his mandate in Rome, on top of his strong commitment to support the development of economic and trade relations between the two countries, he helped organise a visit to Mexico by then Prime Minister Enrico Letta. It was the first visit by an Italian head of state to Mexico in 24 years, the last having been Giulio Andreotti in 1990, and paved the way for closer relations between the two countries' respective businesses and governments, so much so that Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Mexico in April this year. vel