(VELINO) Roma, 13 Jun - The economic promotion of Italy in the Mexican State of ...

(VELINO) Roma, 13 Jun - The economic promotion of Italy in the Mexican State of San Luis Potosi was the theme of the event, "Italy in San Luis Potosi", organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Mexico. The initiative, which followed the pattern of ones that took place some years ago in Puebla, Queretaro and Guanajuato, sought to create new business opportunities and increase knowledge of Italian firms in the region, which has great development potential and major competitive advantages. The participants who attended the event together with Italian Ambassador Alessandro Busacca, included President of the Chamber of Commerce Alberico Peyron, State Governor Juan Manuel Carreras, and ministers of Economic Development and Labour, respectively Gustavo Puente Orozco and Manuel Lozano Nieto. Ambassador Busacca introduced the event saying that the area has major potential for industrial development, thanks to foreign investments, as well as its geographical position and a secure environment for Italian investors wishing to develop their projects in the State. "San Luis Potosi is located in a very interesting strategic geographical position and enjoys economic investments that are very encouraging. It also enjoys a secure environment which is of great importance for companies," he said. Furthermore, the growth of the State's Gross Domestic Product is above the Mexican national average, the ambassador added. vel