(VELINO) Roma, 15 Jun - Guatemala City Council held "Acto Civico", a public even...

(VELINO) Roma, 15 Jun - Guatemala City Council held "Acto Civico", a public event in honour of Italy, which was attended by students of the capital's main schools. The appointment was part of the current celebrations of Italy in Guatemala. In his speech, the Mayor of Guatemala City, Alvaro Arzu, recalled the great generosity of Italy, which through the Munijoven programme, run in partnership with the city council and the local mission of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has for many years provided professional training courses to many young people living in the capital's poorest districts. In response, Italian Ambassador, Edoardo Pucci, told the pupils: "A few months ago I realised a dream, that of becoming Italian Ambassador to Guatemala. I am currently Italy's youngest ambassador. When I was your age I had many goals. I wanted to be a doctor, a centre forward for my favourite football team Juventus, or just be a diplomat. At your age it is essential to dream, to set goals, even if they seem unattainable, because only the dreamers who think they can change the world then really change it. In the past there have been great dreamers who have made the world a more beautiful place where we all can live together: Albert Einstein who revolutionised physics, Gandhi who wanted a world where there was no violence, Amelia Earhart who wanted to fly and Martin Luther King who dreamed of living in a country where his children were not judged by the colour of their skin, but by their ability, and finally I would like to quote Steve Jobs, who with his inventions that you all know, revolutionised technology, the world of computers and how we listen to music. The inventor of the iPhone liked to tell his students to 'stay foolish, stay hungry'. Staying hungry means having a desire to learn because a person grows through study. The more a person knows the more they are ready to play an important role in life or just be a better citizen who respects their neighbour, their mother and father and the public good." Ambassador Pucci concluded: "I can assure you of having seen in my young life that ignorance breeds fear and hatred in people, culture and study on the contrary give joyfulness and enthusiasm. Indeed, study makes it possible to be free citizens, aware of our abilities." vel