(VELINO) Roma, 26 Sep - "Studying in Brazil" is the title of a meeting organised...

(VELINO) Roma, 26 Sep - "Studying in Brazil" is the title of a meeting organised for Italian students who have recently immigrated to the Latin American Country which will be held in Sao Paulo today as part of the cycle of meetings for "Newcomers". The event, promoted by the Comites (Committee of Italians abroad) in Sao Paulo with the support of the Italian Consulate General, aims to facilitate the social and professional integration of Italian nationals recently immigrated to Brazil. At the event, the fourth of the cycle, the Director for the Italian Language of the Consulate General in Sao Paulo, Augusto Bellon, will meet with the Italian schooling community and the people interested in obtaining information on how to apply to Brazilian schools, which could be particularly useful to Italians who have only recently moved to the Country. The previous meetings had addressed other issues such as how to open a bank account, transfer money or buy or rent a house, which was held by Attorneys Giuliana Bazzetti De Sa and Maria Chiara Amalfi (13 September 2016); the Brazilian health care system, held by Dr Elaine Cristina Camillo Da Silva (9 August 2016); and the type of visa needed to obtain a legal residence permit, held by Attorney Maristela Telles Shmidt (16 June 2016). vel