(VELINO) Roma, 19 Jul - From Ushuaia, its latest stop, "Regioni del Gusto" - a p...

(VELINO) Roma, 19 Jul - From Ushuaia, its latest stop, "Regioni del Gusto" - a photographic journey across Italy to show its wine and food specialties - has reached Esquel in Argentina. The exhibition, first opened at the Expo 2015 in Milan, has since toured the whole consular district of Argentina's Bahia Blanca. The Italian Society in Esquel and the municipal department for culture created the exhibition utilising material provided by the Italian Consulate General. "Regioni del Gusto" will run till July 29 at the Centro Cultural Esquel Melipal. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of Esquel's Mayor, Sergio Ongarato, who is originally from Veneto, as well as the president of the Esquel Italian Society and representatives from local Italian associations. Susana Favarato coordinated the event. The initiative in Esquel seeks to raise awareness of the points of excellence of Italy's agrifood sector. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey across the different areas of production, but it shows also Italian traditions and hospitality as well as the country's rich cultural and natural heritage. "Regioni del Gusto" narrates the relationship that ties every product to its territory - history, art, and lifestyle. It is a catalogue showing over 80 traditional high-quality products - an occasion to discover what beauty and food Italy's regions have to offer. The exhibition features 54 coloured panels written entirely in Spanish for local visitors to gain knowledge about quality Italian food and wine products. vel