(VELINO) Roma, 25 Jul - The Italian Trade Agency (ICE) office in New York City h...

(VELINO) Roma, 25 Jul - The Italian Trade Agency (ICE) office in New York City has opened a desk to attract Foreign Investments in Italy. The help-desk aims to inform local investors on business opportunities in Italy. Through its Investment Attraction Office, ICE facilitates the establishment and growth of foreign businesses in Italy, promotes investment opportunities, assists foreign investors in setting up their companies and developing their projects, supports them for the entire duration of their investment and offers after-care and tutoring services for strategic investments. The Agency has 81 offices in 67 countries worldwide, ensuring a global presence and tailored services that promote Italy's economic and commercial relations abroad. With the opening of the new desk, the ICE office in NYC aims to become a benchmark for foreign investors interested in taking their business to the Italian peninsula. The new desk is among the initiatives developed by the "Brand Italy" ("Sistema Paese"), coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development, designed to comprehensively promote Italian products and services in the world. vel