(VELINO) Roma, 14 Jun - The "70 years of the Italian Republic" will be celebrate...

(VELINO) Roma, 14 Jun - The "70 years of the Italian Republic" will be celebrated on June 15 at the Italian Institute Cultural Santiago del Chile, as part of the events organised by the Italian Embassy in the country. The event will be attended by leading figures and will narrate the key stages of Italy's constitutional history. The event will be opened by Ambassador Marco Ricci and will continue on the theme "A glance from afar, the political and social experience of the Italian Republic seen from Chile", a presentation to be delivered by Rafael Gaune Corradi of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. The presentation will be followed by an address by Professor Raffaele Nocera of Naples Eastern University, on "A young republic meets others. Relations between Italy and Latin America". The subsequent presentation will focus on "Being Italian. Institutional phases, political challenges, transformations of the political culture" by Gian Enrico Rusconi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Turin, to be followed by Chiara Saraceno, Honorary Fellow of the Carlo Alberto College of the University of Turin, who will deliver a presentation on "Italian society and the changes within families, generational relations, at the time of the Republic". The closing speech, by the Prosecutor General of Rome, Giovanni Salvi, will focus on "The role of the judiciary in the development of the Italian Republic". vel