(VELINO) Roma, 27 Sep - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Sao Paulo, Brazi...

(VELINO) Roma, 27 Sep - The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Sao Paulo, Brazil will pay tribute to Italian explorer, geographer, and photographer Ermanno Stradelli presenting a book dedicated to him, "A unica vida possivel. Itinerarios de Ermanno Stradelli na Amazonia" (The only life possible: Ermanno Stradelli's journeys in the Amazon) on 6 October to mark the 90th anniversary of his death. The book gathers the works of various writers with a view to portraying the multiple facets and numerous enterprises of the tireless Italian researcher, who was able to interpret and convey the soul of the Amazon to the Brazilian and Italian public at the turn of the 20th century. Stradelli dedicated much of his life towards learning and spreading the indigenous languages of the Rio Negro civilisations, becoming an indispensable reference for scholars investigating Amerindian ethnology, languages and literature. The book, curated by Livia Raponi, includes never-before-published essays by Brazilian and Italian experts from various disciplines, as well as a collection of photographs and maps from the archives of the Italian Geographical Society (SGI), which was also among the promoters of the presentation at the IIC and the book itself. vel