(VELINO) Roma, 24 May - Judge Giovanni Falcone is also remembered as a hero in t...

(VELINO) Roma, 24 May - Judge Giovanni Falcone is also remembered as a hero in the United States and in particular by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). To commemorate the 24th anniversary of the the judge's murder by the Mafia, the Italian embassy in Washington has published a gallery of images provided by the FBI from a permanent exhibition open for some years at the agency's headquarters and a bronze bust depicting the Italian magistrate on display in the compound of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, where future federal agents are trained. The FBI view Falcone not only as a hero who defended an ideal of justice, but also as a pioneer in recognising the importance of international judicial cooperation. The "special relationship" between the "G men" and Falcone grew principally as a result of the "Pizza Connection" case during the so-called "Maxi Trial" in Palermo. "By posting the FBI photos on our social media channels we wanted to remember that Giovanni Falcone is still a model not only in Italy but also worldwide," said Italian ambassador in Washington Armando Varricchio. "And in the case of the FBI, the admiration for him is based on direct experience of the professionalism and effectiveness of his commitment as a judge and as a man. Today, the cooperation that developed in this area back then between Italy and the United States continues at an excellent level." vel