(VELINO) Roma, 23 Jun - The Italian Embassy in Prague is supporting the restorat...

(VELINO) Roma, 23 Jun - The Italian Embassy in Prague is supporting the restoration of the Chapel of the Assumption of Our Lady, which is one of the major testimonies to the presence of the Italian community in the Czech Republic since the year 1500. It is unique for its artistic prominence, its importance in Prague during the rule of Rudolph II, and as a major element of sacred architecture beyond the Alps. For many centuries, the Chapel has been the reference point for Italians living in Prague, who contributed considerably to the artistic beauty of the Bohemian city. Hence the initiative to launch a sponsorship campaign for the refurbishment and restoration of the building. The initiative is part of the valorisation of Italian real estate and artistic property abroad and has been supported by Czech institutions and private individuals as well as by Italian donors and the local Greek-Catholic church which, by virtue of a concession, has been in charge of the Chapel - which will now welcome again Prague's Italian community. The funds granted by the Farnesina, together with those offered by the donors, have enabled the start of work on the unique oval roof, the facade and the extraordinary frescoes - not restored for decades and until now barely visible. The Chapel will open its doors in Spring 2017, as soon as the refurbishing works are finished. vel