(VELINO) Roma, 29 May - The Italian embassy in Brasilia will be celebrating the ...

(VELINO) Roma, 29 May - The Italian embassy in Brasilia will be celebrating the birth of the Italian Republic, on 2 June, dedicating the month to two major exhibitions. It will be opening its doors to visitors interested in discovering the architectural and artistic features of the building designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, which houses the embassy. The Nervi Room will display a photographic exhibition of 89 images taken by photographer Luca Capuano to illustrate Unesco World Heritage Sites in Italy. They show the beauty and contrasts, historical centres and famous monuments and delightful towns often unknown to the general public. They record a journey from the Dolomites to Sicily, along the Italian Peninsula, showing the incomparable historical, artistic and natural beauty of the most famous and well-loved landscapes in the world. To mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome, the embassy will also present the "Even Closer Union" exhibition, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This uses photographs, historical documents, images and testimonies to trace the history and evolution of the European Union's integration project from 1957 to the modern day. Both exhibitions will be open to the public as part of the "Embassy Open Doors" event. Throughout the month, visitors will be able to discover architectural works by Pier Luigi Nervi. The famous Italian engineer worked with internationally acclaimed architects, including Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, to create landmark buildings, including the Unesco building in Paris, the Australian Square in Sydney, the Stock Exchange Tower in Montreal, the papal audience hall in the Vatican, the Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan, as well as the Palazzetto dello Sport indoor sports facility and the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome. vel