(VELINO) Roma, 23 Sep - In celebration of the 15th European Day of Languages, wh...

(VELINO) Roma, 23 Sep - In celebration of the 15th European Day of Languages, which will be held on 26 September throughout Europe, the Cultural Institutes of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and the UK in Brazil have teamed up for a joint event dedicated to the language of each country. The European Day of Languages will be celebrated two days early, on 24 September, in the South American nation, at the Museu do Amanha in Rio de Janeiro, where visitors will be able to engage in "Speak-Dating", an amusing and original way to learn a bit of every language in five minutes. Furthermore, each Institute will present its activities and especially its language courses. These include the "Fast Italian for travellers" at the Italian Cultural Institute in Rio, which offers a direct approach to the most common problems with speaking Italian in standard situations, such as: the construction of basic sentences; basic knowledge of Italy's geography; transportation and travel; money and shops; travel plans and lodgings; and culture and leisure time. The European Day of Languages was established in 2001 at the proposal of the European Council in Strasbourg and envisages a vast number of events throughout the EU, including actitivities with and for children, radio and television programmes, language courses and lectures. National authorities and various partners also help organise the events. vel