(VELINO) Roma, 10 Jun - The presence of women in the economic and political life...

(VELINO) Roma, 10 Jun - The presence of women in the economic and political life of the countries of Southern Europe was the central theme of the Euro-Mediterranean meeting "Mujeres Lideres en la Impresa y en la Politica" ("Euro-Mediterranean Women Leaders in Business and Politics (EMLIEPO)"), which was held in Madrid. The event, organised by EMLIEPO and now in its seventh edition, was attended by Beatriz Fernandez-Tubau, General Secretary of AFAEMME (Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen), Jean Francois Renucci, Counsellor at the French embassy in Spain, and Andre's Dulanto, Director of the business section of the Spanish news agency EFE. In the panel entitled "Analisis comparativo con los paises del Sur de Europa" ("Comparative Analysis with the Countries of Southern Europe") Italy was represented by Press and Culture Counsellor of the Madrid embassy, Gaia Lucilla Danese, who outlined the main aspects of Italy's commitment to gender rights, both domestically and internationally, stressing the importance of women's empowerment for the attainment of equal opportunities. In all there were 20 high-level speakers, divided into four round tables and a total of over 100 participants from the worlds of academia, politics, business, diplomacy and the press. The aim of the meetings is to identify and propose a strategy for the future, in which actions are designed to accelerate the true realisation of equality between men and women. Indeed, the main conclusion of the round table suggests that to achieve full equality the whole of society, government, politicians, business people and individuals, must be engaged and working in the same direction. vel